frog respiration and frog respiration
Normally my day begins
generally at 7:30 am.
After the morning routine,
I wait for the physiotherapist
who works energetically
with me for
about an hour, concentrating especially on my lungs. Then I get up
(meaning I am lifted). I am now being lifted with the help of one nurse. This is practical because I can now decide the time when this is done.
frog respiration
While being transferred, I breathe with the platysma muscles, which help the respiratory muscles. This type of breathing is also known as frog breathing - breathing without respiratory muscles. When resting, I manage 10 to 15 min without ventilation. In the hospital I practised this laboriously. At that time I could not understand the need for it, now I'm happy to have this skill. After breakfast my leisure time begins and I spend it mainly at the computer. At 9 pm the night shift comes to relieve the late shift. At that time I'm usually put to bed. Unless we have visitors or we have made other plans (making the night into day).
Friday is the most demanding day because I am treated for a total of 2 hours, moved around and placed in a vertical position for as long as my circulatory system can tolerate it.


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